COMPANY DAKO BRNO spol. s r.o.

halaThe DAKO Brno, spol. s r.o. company was established in 1996.

First it was oriented on civil engineering construction works and manufacturing of board prefabricated components that are used for construction of public toilets modules. During the following years the company focused on supply and assembly of reinforced concrete frames and steel hall constructions.

The DAKO Brno, spol. s r.o. company currently categorizes its activities into three main groups:

The first one covers the manufacturing and assembly of vented façades of glass fiber reinforced concrete offered under the trade name DAKOBET.

Another section of the company in cooperation with a German company HeringBau has been manufacturing fully automated public toilets modules since 1996. These are made in a special vandal-resistant version and they are also exclusively distributed to the Czech and Slovak markets.

The last category is a supplementary production that includes mainly manufacturing of high-volume planters from the DAKOBET series, urban furniture and other atypical components of glass fiber reinforced concrete.