About us | DAKO


DAKO is a family-owned business with a more than twenty year history of operating in the field of production of concrete prefabricated components.

We have developed, and are continuously improving, our GRC material which allows us to supply high-quality facade components and other products, from architectonic facade accessories through original interior components up to large capacity flowerpots.

Tensile bending strength (MOR) > 18 MPa | Tensile bending strength (MOR) > 7 MPa
Mass density > 1,950 kg∙m3 | Frost resistance coefficient T150 > 0.99 | Absorbability < 7 %

We are proud to be able to maintain quality of detail, colour and material transitions even with large volumes. And that is exactly why investors like to come back to us. We are constantly developing, and working on expanding our product sales worldwide. We are a member of the GRCA association.