Each construction material features unique properties for which it is known. The knowledge of these properties and subsequent proper utilization may significantly influence the final effect of the whole piece of work – whether we consider it from a technical, aesthetical, ecological or healthcare point of view. Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC), or fine-grained concrete reinforced with glassfibre, is a material that offers architects complete freedom in the design of ventilated facades.

Products made of glassfibre reinforced concrete are constantly growing in popularity due to its ideal physico-mechanical properties and are widely applied in architecture and civil engineering. Typical features of DAKO-GRC (formerly DAKOBET) products are their high strength and durability combined with relatively low weight. This minimizes transport costs significantly and facilitates easy manipulation and assembly. These features exist due to the spreading of alkali-resistant glassfibre in the basic mixture of Portland cement, sand, water and other refining admixtures. Fine-grained particles in the composite structure guarantee low water absorption and frost resistance.


  • Vented facades
  • Large format and 3D facade components
  • Architectural facade supplements - ledges, attics
  • Cladding of bridge structures
  • Interior furnishing
  • High-volume planters
  • Urban furniture (benches, circular benches)
  • Balcony boards

Other various products utilizing our material's strength, low weight and thus easy handling.


Volumetric mass density in a dry state min. 1950 kg.m-3
Tensile strength at bending 18 MPa
Frost resistance coefficient T100 >0,99
Flammability according to ČSN EN 13501-1 + A1 (without surface finish)       group A1
Modulus of elasticity 15 GPa 
Absorbency 10 % 
Durability - climatic cycles >0,8 
Linear change in dimension due to humidity 0,018 % 
Linear change in dimension due to temperature 10.10-6 C-1


Very low weight is not a standard but a very important property in comparison to another material basis which is given by a shell element structure.