Surface finish

Smooth-surface panels

Smooth surface finish of glass fiber reinforced concrete parts follows general requirements for so called fair-faced concrete – the surface of the front side should be free of cavities, smooth to the touch and on the eye; inhomogeneity of a colour shade on the surface is allowed. These criteria are achieved in production by application of the first so called fair-faced layer into moulds without an addition of glass fibre.


Washed-surface panels

Washed-surface panels are typical for their coarse surface imitating sandstone structure that is created by eroding the outer side of the final element into the depth of 1 mm.


RECKLI print matrices

The manufacture of panels with a structure, created by applying print matrices of German company RECKLI, represents an interesting alternative to standard surfaces. The matrices palette includes 250 standard designs in various levels of repeatable applicability.


Graphic concrete design matrices

The creation of facades containing an original graphic motive can be easily arranged through the application of Finnish company Graphic Concrete's design matrices. These contain a solidification retarder, which is instrumental in forming the desired motive consisting of intertwined areas of smooth surface and fine gravel.

grafic conc


grafic conc-obr