Other production

In addition to our main production, that includes manufacturing of glass fiber reinforced concrete façade panels and high-volume planters, the DAKO Brno, spol. s r.o. company also focuses on the realization of atypical elements of outdoor architecture. Here, as an example, you can see a realization of glass fiber reinforced concrete benches, located at the public transport stop in Brno-Lesná, inspired by the design of Jan Kaplický. You can also observe a bench out of DAKOBET material, currently a part of Gahura's Boulevard in Zlín, and finally, prefabricated bridge structure cornices in Třebíč or Hořovice.


Our company was honored to participate in the realization of a bus stop in Brno-Lesná in 2011, inspired by the design of the National Library in Prague by the world-renowned late architect Jan Kaplický. We produced and supplied a bench of organic shape, fabricated out of our DAKOBET glass fiber reinforced concrete material for this project.

Individual panels were manufactured from a glass fiber reinforced concrete composite using white 20 mm thick cement reinforced in the points of connection and increased load. Elements contain holes for lighting installation and for the mounting of a steel structure, carrying the roof of a fibreglass shell.

18 MHD Brno  19 MHD Brno


The project Revitalization of the Lower Part of the Gahura's Boulevard (Gahurův prospekt) in Zlín is based on formation of lawns modelled into a moderately rolling landscape with built-in concrete sidewalks and glass fiber reinforced concrete kerbs. Cladding parts enable the usage of integrated light fittings, irrigation system maintenance valves and installation of atypical drinking fountains. Vertical kerb parts feature the art work of Jiří Valoch at 6 locations – an inscription "úplně jiná slova" (totally different words) is sandblasted into panels. That can be interpreted as a reminder, reference to relativity and transience of public monuments, political systems – as well as the relativity of words themselves.

15 Gahuruv prospek   16 Gahuruv prospekt 


Prefabricated cornices from the DAKOBET material are designed to protect steel elements or reinforced concrete bridges against the influence of degradation factors, in particular weather conditions, salt or chemically active aqueous solutions. Such cornices also serve to shield wiring installed along the bridge structure (lighting, telecommunication, etc.).

Applied anchoring system enables accessibility of any section of the installations for revision or repair without the necessity of heavy machinery. Thanks to a delicate touch of the assembled elements the whole construction is optically lightened, which also positively enhances the architectural impression of the structure.

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