Our high-volume planters feature low weight, high durability and a wide range of surface finishes, thus they meet all architect and user requirements, aesthetic or otherwise.

They are used as an aesthetic element for architectural finishing touches of parks, gardens and urban public spaces. They may also serve as a part of banisters at terraces or balconies.


Our planters are manufactured to order, according to customer's individual requirements, maximum dimensions are recommended at 1.500 x 600 x 700 mm, or 800 x 800 x 800 mm for square containers. Minimum wall and bottom thickness of a planter is 20 mm. This can, of course, be adjusted at the customer's request.

Besides rectangular and square tailor-made planters we also offer standardized Camellia and Oleander planters in a shape of a cone sector. These are manufactured either in a smooth or sandstone surface finish.






Planters are most often manufactured in two colour shades, i.e. the colour of a cement used – grey or white (the final material is always coloured within the mass). Based on a client's request it is possible to colour the mass material using inorganic pigments.

A common surface finish of planters is smooth walls or walls with sandstone imitation (so called washed-surface concrete). This surface finish is recommended not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also from the point of view of production itself.

The final surface treatment is a supplementary coating known as hydrophobization. The inside of planters are treated with a waterproofing layer for the purpose of sealing the wall-bottom connection.

Samples of basic shades and surface finishes

Smooth-surface structure


Washed-surface structure



Manual manipulation – for planters with a total weight up to 120 kg. Manipulation devices – anchors – must be built into the walls of heavier items.


Delivery time – by agreement. Ideal time period from production to expedition is 5–6 weeks. This period is influenced by the setting time of concrete which is 28 days and by current production capacity at the time of an order.


Information required for a quote:

  • planters dimension – length * width * height
  • required shade – standard grey, white, by request possibility of mass material colouring using pigments
  • corpus surface finish – smooth or washed surface (sandstone imitation), possibly individual arrangement (matrices)

Issued quote always includes:

  • manufacturing documentation
  • moulds production
  • manufacturing of planters in versions according to cement used, mass coloured, surface by customer's requirements; wall and bottom thickness is 20 mm
  • waterproofing layer inside planters
  • hydrophobization
  • milling of drain holes in the planters' bottom