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DAKO Brno - construction and assembly company specializing in glass fiber reinforced concrete and modular public toilets manufacturing

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Glass fiber reinforced concrete

Glass fiber reinforced concrete DAKOBET is a construction material that is widely applied in architecture and civil engineering due to its ideal physic-mechanical properties. The major asset of this material is high strength and durability due to the content of glass fiber while individual components retain relatively low weight.

Application possibilities:

  • vented façades
  • cladding of bridge structures
  • urban furniture (benches, circular benches)
  • balcony boards
  • high-volume planters

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Public toilets

Simple minimalistic design, perfect cleanness, vandal resistance, long lifespan, semi-automatic operation and saving of operating costs – these are the major assets of public toilets offered by the DAKO Brno, spol. s r.o. company.

Advantages of DAKO Brno WC modules:

  • suitable for the disabled
  • equipment complies to strict hygienic demands
  • vandal resistant
  • facility is usable all year round
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High-volume planters of the DAKOBET material became popular mainly thanks to their low weight, high durability and a selection of surface finishes, thus they meet all architect and user requirements, aesthetic or otherwise. They are used as an aesthetic element for architectural finishing touches of parks, gardens and urban public spaces, they may also serve as a part of banisters at terraces or balconies.

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Rest area Kurovice

D55 motorway | 2019


Funeral Hall

Havířov | 2018


Mechanica Waltrovka

Prague | 2017


Zuckermandel CX

Bratislava | 2017



Zlín | 2016


LUMIUS Headquaters

Frýdek-Místek | 2015





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